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April 2021




The picture above does not represent the amazing turnout for the first official CSHL send.  Thanks to everyone that came out. 


Barb Cook Park: Set In Stone!

The court is officially open for play.  The construction crew finalized operations by laying concrete for the player's bench.  Netting encompasses a large majority of the court for safety.  There are countless people to thank for making this happen.  The CSHL is grateful for the support, helpful hands, and donated time...we could not have accomplished any of this without our friends, families, and community. 

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Player Profile:

Alex Boyce

Some people come into this world to discover, at some point in their life, that they love the game of hockey. They work arduously to become a great player by honing their skills; with hours of practice at the rink, in the garage, or basement they make the most of the completely ordinary talents they have been gifted. Others are born to be an athlete. Enter, Alex Boyce. Being the son of a first round draft pick in the MLB meant that he had his pick of sports at which to excel. All the major professional leagues began recruitment at the ripe young age of two. It’s impossible to say why, but he chose the CSHL. Drafted into the league (most recently) by the River Rats, the Boyce clan can rest easy knowing that their progeny will continue the athletic excellence that is expected. 


“Rolls” Boyce, while an able-bodied skater, shows his true genius for the game of hockey while posted up between the pipes. As the name might suggest, having a tender in net-like “Rolls” Boyce affords a club plenty of luxury during tight games. Captain of the River Rats, Ryan O’Leary, can rest easy knowing that in a close contest the likes of Patrick Roy wouldn’t hold a candle to his man. Sure, Roy might have four Stanley Cups and three Conn Smythe Trophies to his name, but has he ever lead the ice bubs to a Northern Kentucky Ice Center Men's League Championship after being kicked out of the game, and then brought back into the game? It’s a debate that most would refuse to contest. 


Always a fan of a good chirp, Boyce has been known to dismantle opposing players mentally with the dexterity of Cicero in the Philippics or Sean Avery against the Devils in the 2008 playoffs. Even after such a verbal pantsing, however, the bubs always know they can count on a hearty off-ice friendship and congenial camaraderie back at the clubhouse from “RB”. Those friendships and the sense of community are part of what got Boyce excited about his newest venture, OTP Hockey. 


After playing in various softball and hockey leagues around Cincinnati, and seeing what the CSHL had done at the local level, Boyce realized he could do something to support the need for team jerseys locally. OTP Hockey, thusly, was brought into being. A locally based Cincinnati sports jersey purveyor that kicked things off with CSHL hockey sweaters, designed by our very own Sunil Ketty. The league is all about giving back and making a difference in the community. Understanding that, the jersey sales were setup with kickback for the league, which has helped to raise additional funds for future CSHL projects. This is just the beginning as Boyce plans to work on team-specific sweaters as well. Look for him on Dave Wagel’s upcoming episode of the Espoused Podcast to hear more about the future of OTP Hockey.  

By Luke Effler