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Barb Cook Park: Making the final push to completion. 

Even with a few weather obstacles, the CSHL Construction & Maintenance team has been making progress on the new home of the CSHL.  Boards have been secured and the surface is cured.  

Things to do...

1. Boards Clean-up

  • Remove old ads and stickers

  • This will allow the league to utilize board space for ads and sponsorship

2. Create a safe and secure court for players, fans, and the community.

  • Protection from hockey balls - Jake and Ryan have some cannon slappers!! :)

3. Create a streamlined method for players to change, wait for shift changes, and get off/on the court easily.

  • This includes restroom options 

We know how excited everyone is to get on the new court, but we want to make sure all the logistics are covered, including addressing COVID protocols, prior to playing.  The league is invested in making sure everyone has an amazing experience while at Barb Cook Park.  


Jake Thomas

Image: Chris  Jenco

The CSHL is working on creating an Organizational Chart identifying the league's hierarchy.  This does not address the CSHL Board.  Please see the Leadership page for more information.      

If you would like to help in any area of the league, please reach out through Facebook. Contact any member in a Leadership, Board, or VP role. We would be delighted to have you as part of our leadership team. 


Player Profile:

Cody "CODE RED" Woodall

Code Red is celebrating a personal milestone, and frankly a CSHL league mark, this month as he just surpassed the 200 goal mark. Slotting in this historic  glizzy, Cody took to the presser and expressed his excitement and love for the game stating that his favorite things about CSHL are, "playing hockey with great people and players, improving my game, and skating with everyone whenever I can." The 27 year old native to Florence KY, has been playing for 8 years and started with the league May of 2018. His love of the Cincinnati Cyclones and Chicago Blackhawks shine through on the court. Emulating Marian Hossa, his favorite player, you can find Cody near the net ready to score at any given chance. Congrats on the success and we're looking to see you continue to develop with the league.

By Jason Kleinhenz







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