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WOW...How to summarize the 2020 CSHL season?!?!? It started with the slogan, "Let the Good Times Roll," but our blades came to a screeching halt before they ever had a chance.  The league entered the new decade with confidence and momentum after a stellar 2019 season.  Riding the '19 wave, the CSHL pushed forward to continue their mission while improving the community through a love of hockey.  Since the league's inception, they have experienced a growth in members, volunteers, players, and fans.  The influx of players allowed the league to expand the CSHL clubs from 4 to 6 teams.  On 2/29/20, the League unveiled two new clubs and logos designed by Sunil Ketty. Incorporated into the festivities was the shake-up redraft of all teams and players.  CSHL Club captains Jus Patterson, Chris Weiss, Jake Thomas, Ryan O'Leary, Eric Wilke, & Rats Boulevard acquired all player names to draft their teams behind closed doors.  The fever pitch was uncontainable...the good times were indeed rollin'!  Immediately following the high, we experience the blow of how serious the COVID-19 pandemic was, the 2020 gongshow had begun. As states started to lockdown, the league abided by Kentucky protocols and canceled all sanctioned CSHL hockey, tournaments, and events.  While the positive outlook for the season deflated, a filthy cheese clapper abruptly commenced in a celly to remember!!! Kyle Wheeler exposed the league to NHL quality boards abandoned in an arena devastated by a tornado.  League member Chris Weiss was quick to follow-up with Hara Arena representatives to acquire the boards.  It took the efforts of many to successfully transport the rich history of the Hara Arena Boards to the new home of the CSHL, Barb Cook Memorial Park.   On November 18, 2020, Queen City Blacktop laid the foundation that will eventually support the league's push to bring hockey to the community.  An extremely successful 3rd Annual Toy Drive and the installation of the boards, led by Kyle Streethockey, have all members ready to light the lamp in 2021.  It was a roller coaster year to say the least, but the league ended the season with the same optimism they entered 2020 with.

CSHL friends, families, and communities are dealing with the consequences of the pandemic, some more than others.  Our hearts go out to those who lost loved ones or have been negatively impacted by all the life-altering changes.  The League loves the game, but embraces its community first.  The CSHL has been a safe haven for many members and they will continue to keep the bench doors open for anyone who wants to join this amazing organization.  The League will continue safely helping as the aperture slowly opens allowing us to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. 


I am usually behind the scenes, however, I will use this opportunity to express how grateful I am to be part of the organization.  I have the opportunity to utilize my knowledge and experience to assist with media, design, website, marketing, and more.  I started a new career at Northern Kentucky University in 2017 not knowing what was to come.  Since then, I have befriended great people I now call family in a place I consider home.  Hockey has been a part of my life since 1988 but I never thought I would connect that love in Covington, KY.  Happy New Year to all the CSHL friends, families, and community members.  Let's ring in the new year with a crispy Labatt at the clubhouse very soon. 

​The Professor

Congratulations to the Next Gen Bubett Families:

Krista & Chris Weiss

Sam Carmine and Jus Patterson

Margaret and Jenco

Please note, many of these gallery pictures are before KY mask protocols. Click right to see more images.

The CSHL 3rd Annual

Toy Drive

This year has proven to challenge all of us as we meander the affects of the pandemic.  With so many unknowns, The CSHL knew the importance of continuing their end of the year mission to collect donated toys.  The league once again teamed up with Orleans Development & Be Concerned organizations to rally community efforts to help bring smiles to children's faces. The CSHL also partnered with the Cincinnati Cyclones and UC Ice Hockey to assist during these unique times. Needless to say...our community banded together to donate an unprecedented collection of toys for boys & girls ages 12-14.  Individuals unable to drop off toys were able to donate cash totaling nearly $1000 for The CSHL to shop at Ollie's Bargain Outlet

On 12/21/20 CSHL members dropped off all toys at The Orleans Development.  We were joined by the charismatic Twister from the Cyclones as toys were transported to the Be Concerned Organization.  

It is an amazing feeling knowing these toys will go to families in our community to help make their holidays special.  Our organization is only successful because of the friends, families, and community members that consistently volunteer their time to support those around us. We are grateful for the individuals that made this year's toy drive an amazing end to a challenging year. 

Thank you and Happy New Year!







CLICK HERE to checkout more about the event. 


If our excitement wasn't obvious after laying the foundation for the new home court of The CSHL...THE BOARDS ARE UP!!!!  Led by Kyle Streethockey, a team of CSHL members placed, bolted, and capped the boards. 

The next phase will be to lay concrete for the footings to help solidify the integrity of the boards.

We are thrilled to continue the long history of the Hara Arena boards. 




Kyle Streethockey: Boards Project Manager

Kyle, an original member of The CSHL and owner of Pancero Construction, will lead a team to layout, bolt, and secure the boards at Barb Cook Memorial Park.  He will oversee all operations to finalize the boards as they are installed at their new home.

Special thanks to:

Chris Weiss & Kyle Wheeler for securing the boards for The CSHL.
Jay O'Leary (Mr. O) for loaning the heavy equipment.

All the individuals who volunteered their time to help get the boards up. 






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